Both the staff and residents of Evergreen Place are fortunate to have Dr. Alvarez as our medical director.

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Consuelo Alvarez, MD

Medical Director at Evergreen Assisted
Living in Manchester, New Hampshire.

For Consuelo Alvarez, MD, gravitation
to geriatrics seemed like a natural progression
in her career following her close
association with older family members
and other close involvement with older
adults as she grew up. In medical school she found a particular
affi nity for older patients and says, “I felt I could do a lot more
for those patients.” At the time, she says, geriatrics was a lessthan-
familiar specialty, particularly outside major metropolitan
areas. She’s found a challenge in raising decision makers’
awareness around older patients’ healthcare and educating
them about the pressing need for geriatricians’ skills.
In her geriatrics practice, Alvarez works to inform patients
that “as you go on with life, you can embrace the changes that are
happening to you physically and mentally.” Adopting such a philosophy
is key to navigating the aging process. She says…


This is great news, indeed. So many of us have been or will be touched by this terrible condition. It is encouraging to know that so much effort is being put into combating it.

This article comes from our friends at the ‘Assisted Living Federation of America’.

National Alzheimer’s Plan Now Includes Assisted Living


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Serves (HHS) has released its first draft plan outlining its intended actions againstAlzheimer’s disease. Due to ALFA’s advocacy efforts in response to the initial framework, the draft plan includes references to assisted living communities.

The plan, ordered by the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA), aims to develop effective treatment and prevention strategies by 2025, optimize care quality and efficiency, expand supports for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their family, enhance public awareness and engagement, and track progress and drive improvement. The plan calls for an immediate increase in funding and an optimized system of allocating existing resources to support the multi-faceted approach. The plan emphasizes that a large-scale, coordinated effort across both the public and private sectors is needed to achieve its ambitious goal.

The draft plan includes some notable changes from the initial framework, including the mention of assisted living. Thanks in part toALFA’s advocacy efforts, the draft plan includes assisted living in its strategy to assess and address the housing needs of those with Alzheimer’s disease. The plan promises to undertake an analysis of current data to better understand the number of assisted living residents with Alzheimer’s disease and the services assisted living communities provide these residents.

The plan will be submitted to the Advisory Council to Address Alzheimer’ Disease for input and open to public comment. ALFA will continue to work with the advisory council and HHS to ensure that assisted living communities play a valuable role in the final plan. Read the complete plan, Draft National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease, to see HHS’ complete proposed strategy.

To celebrate bird watching everywhere and have a bit of fun, the residents at Evergreen Place decided it would be a good idea to increase the housing available for our local bird population.

Everyone had a great time!

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I hope these pictures bring a smile to your faces, just as the day did for the residents and staff at Evergreen Place.

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Open House Success!

The staff and residents at Evergreen Place would like to thank the community and especially those that participated for making this year’s open house such a great success. On both Friday and Saturday, we had multiple tours taking place for much of the time. Many people had the opportunity to see  what Evergreen Place has to offer the community– in the spirit of the ‘non-profit’ and caring environment that has been provided since 1904.

To show our appreciation to the folks that came for a visit, we  conducted a raffle for door prizes each day and will be delivering those in the next few days.

We would also like to thank the staff and employees of Evergreen Place for doing such a great job both preparing for the Open House and helping out with the work of serving, hosting and conducting tours.

Thank you all very much. Everyone did a great job in helping to make our Open House a success.

We look forward to next year.

Annual Open House

Well, its almost that time again! Last year we had a fabulous turn out for both days, so if you are a healthcare professional or a citizen interested in ‘assisted living’, perhaps it’s not too early to add this to your calendar.

We are fast filling up our vacant rooms, since all of the changes. Come and find out why folks have chosen ‘Evergreen Place’ to live.

We invite you to visit us– enjoy a selection of food and beverages and check out the remodeling and redecorating that we have done.

You might get lucky and win a door prize, too! You can’t beat that.



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